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"We are moving from a culture that emphasizes the study of things in isolation from one another to a culture that emphasizes contexts, relationships and wholes."
Alvin Toffler
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We are blessed to operate in a network of highly regarded experts, authentic pioneers and paradigm innovation
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Monika is a trained philosopher and transformation in-sultant. She has been designing and leading leadership and highly collaborative business transformation programs for more than 2500 participants, from junior talent to corporate executives, before she founded lovecom. lovecom fosters the paradigm change from leading with the mind to leading from the heart. With love-based executive education programs Monika fosters a bridge for self-responsible discoveries, vision setting and evolutionary co-manifestation for todays corporate and transformation leaders.
Thomas is a wisdom teacher, clairvoyant mystic and former entrepreneur who has the gift to touch people deeply within their hearts. His teachings evince clarity, love and a playful humor. Since many years he is inducting participants into the alchemical power of the heart. Offering spiritual teachings and conferences worldwide. His unique perspective on Leadership as an initiation into the higher states of one's own being helps numerous leaders to lead from the inside out. Powerful and in alignment with soul.
Stèphano is a spiritual teacher and founder of the Path of No Way®. For almost forty years he has dedicated his life to the understanding and practice of spiritual essence in his work with thousands of individuals and groups throughout the world. His message of love is direct, his invitation radical: moving beyond the suffering, confusion and complexity of all types through an exploration of choice-less freedom. Stèphano provides a no-nonsense, loving, quantum leap learning conditions for leaders and core pioneers.
Judi is a spiritual teacher with an academic and consulting background in workplace spirituality. She is a pioneer in the integration of spirituality and work, and has been building communities of Edgewalkers and developing resources since 1992. In her workshops and teachings, she creates and holds sacred space for individual and organizational soul’s wisdom to speak. Her work helps others to build practical and inspired bridges between the spiritual world and the material world to manifest the highest visions and dreams.
Transformation Communities and Knowledge Hubs
Richard is an author, speaker and internationally recognized thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. He is the creator of the Seven Levels Model and the founder of the Barrett Values Centre, who's Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries.
Bea is an example of a transformation leader who, after achieving the highest quality education and clear career success in the financial world, listened to her heart and risked everything to choose the more challenging pathway of changing the world through collaboration, intelligence and power of femininity. Through GIFEW she and her team provide high quality, multi-level, most up-to-date educational environments for women leaders.
Paradigm Innovation Initiatives
Antje Röwe & Röwe Institute
The TalentKompass designed by Antje has helped to date thousands of people to find a more meaningful way of contributing their work and talent >>
Franz Theo Gottwald & Schweisfurth Foundation
An awarded visionary and ambassador of sustainability, Franz-Theo Gottwald is the director of this impactful 'ideas business' for creating a better tomorrow >>
Jaume Gurt & un CEO sin corbata
Jaume is the transformational CEO of infoJobs and a communicator of new corporate, conscious and collaborative paradigms >>
Ekkehard Kuppel & Mountain Wisdom
A former CEO himself, Ekki is the founder of Mountain Wisdom, a foundation that takes CEOs to the mountains to explore the fundamental questions in life >>
Gerhard Hüther & Akademie für Potenzialentfaltung
A renown neurobiologist, author and key note speaker, Gerhard Hüther's message of our potential on the basis of "the experience dependent plasticity" is clear, caring and adresses human evolution >>
Henry & Karen Kimsey-House & The Coaches Training Institute
The co-active leadership model developed by the founders of the CTI®, Henry & Karen, is a path breaking contribution in creating new paradigms of leadership >>
Matti Straub & KaosPilots Switzerland
Matti, Chief-Changel and a pilot himself, brought this pioneering school for creative leaders and responsible entrepreneurs to Switzerland >>
Frederic Laloux & Re-inventing Organizations
Frederic Laloux not only is the author of the most acclaimed book recently about organizational transformation and paradigm change, but also just made avaliable some of the main content through a free Wiki  >>
Judy Neal & Edgewalkers International
Judi is an author, consultant, scholar and business leader. She is an expert on spirituality in the workplace and is providing profound, game-changing know-how through her organization Edgewalkers International >>
Vik is a global transformation leader and president of Unstoppable Conversations. As a mentor, consultant and speaker he facilitates dramatically breakthroughs in performance through fundamental breakthroughs in thinking >>
"When we make decisions and take actions out of our inner wisdom we build a world that works for everyone."
Scilla Ellsworthy
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