"The biggest divorce in today's civilization, especially in the West but also in the East, is the separation of love and knowledge."

Raimon Panikkar

love-based leadership practice

We train corporate leaders to bridge personal growth
with serving people, purpose and the system in your care


Impactful Leaders
Top Team Effectiveness

Highly effective leaders are individuals manifesting vision and values, personal and collective dreaming into reality.

Those leaders are powerful sources of development and impact. Grounding power in (self-)awareness, heartfulness, embodiment, purposeful action and service holds an invitation for life-long learning, discovery and practice. Our evolutionary 1:1 executive coaching is offered as a friend, listener, temporary companion, breakthrough partner and transformational mirror. With the single most important goal to support you in that very transition, your next leap towards mastery as a leader.

“I haven’t felt so good in a long while.”  CFO global insurance

Strong and high performing individuals coming together as a team are facing specific challenges, up-set’s and set-ups for growth. Our Top Team Alignment Journeys support senior executives to come together more easily while aligning behind a shared purpose, building on a new level of mutual trust, expanding awareness of self and others, effective interaction and accountability. In service of the whole.

“We are still amazed how far we went and about the clarity of the results we created in our Top Team.” 

CEO financial services

Processing Collective Wisdom

Communities, organizations, the complex dynamics of our global family can be perceived as interconnected living systems.

Other than separating ourselves and taking a neutral viewpoint as an observer, in SystemSomatics we invite mutual understanding, large group alignment and learning processes by dropping in fully and consciously and by playing out our parts and roles in the whole. The well-being of the individuals reflect the well-being of the whole and vice versa. Every voice everyBody holds a piece of the bigger truth that enfolds through listening, facilitated dynamic interaction and tuning-in on a deeper level.

“I consider this open forum with lovecom as a milestone in the history of our company and at the same time a milestone for me personally as a leader.”
CEO utility industry

Open and hidden conflicts are processed as creative means for better understanding, building connection and strengthening relationships. While some of us fear the very thought of acting out conflicts in private or public, not aware of the evolutionary treasure we are withholding, with SytemSomatics we are able to create meaning and connection out of ‘chaos’, using conflicts as deeper source for a newly balanced collective truth and applied inclusiveness.