"The world desperately needs an "Age of Wisdom", and workplaces are an inspiring place to start."

Ricardo Semler


We love to connect and grow with you

Based in Switzerland, lovecom is operating globally together with selected partners.

Monika Gutscher

Founder & CEO


Re-connecting love and knowledge, in service of a new leadership practice, is part of my mission.”

Monika is an experienced leadership consultant, facilitator, executive coach and former executive manager across various industries and different global regions for the past 19 years. She is also a mother of one and a life-long dancer.
Monika has led, designed and delivered Leadership and Top Team Alignment programs that have touched up to 12’000 leaders directly.

Passionate about transformation and growth on an individual, a collective and structural level, lovecom was brought forth as a co-creative vortex for new ways of leadership behavior and mind-set, during a Sabbatical in the wilderness of the natural coast of South-West Portugal. In the past 8 years lovecom has been serving corporate clients across the Middle East region, in Saudi Arabia and UAE, on the continent of Africa, in Canada, Germany, Spain and in Switzerland.

Barbara Engel

Senior Associate

Resilient and empowered human connections – so that leaders together create something meaningful in the world – that’s why I am here.

Bringing with her a unique experience, combining global leadership roles in cyber security with  coaching and process work, Barbara has the ability to quickly understand and navigate in complex and technical corporate business environments.   

She joined lovecom because she is committed to accompany the value shift within today’s corporate world and nation states. Reconnecting leaders to the innate wisdom of their intuition is part of that mission. 

Barbara is a living dynamo of creative, initiating energy who catalyzes stagnant situations and shifts blockages wherever she meets them. In her work her focus is to master the art of reconciliation, within individuals and groups by navigating through tensions and polarities. 

Horst Ippisch

Senior Associate

I stand for helping people live conscious business.

Horst brings a unique perspective shaped by his background as a business CFO and other leadership functions throughout his international corporate career. 

His expertise in conflict resolution, combined with a deep understanding of corporate culture and leadership development, enables him to drive sustainable transformation and growth for our clients.

As an executive coach and consultant with more than 15 years of experience, Horst has deepened his focus empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.

Master the art of LOVING people. Any coward can hide behind the words, the brave LIVE LOVE in action.”

Tai Aracen

Global Collaboration Partners and Networks


The founder of the Barrett Values Center, Richard Barrett, is an internationally recognized thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. lovecom applies the framework of the Barrett Seven Levels Model and a set of Transformation Assessment Tools that have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries up to date. We enjoy witnessing the impact of bringing this rich development and consciousness map into the conversation with our clients. To create lasting results in our 1:1 coachings and the whole system transformation work, in trusted collaboration with the Barrett Values Center.

Crash Course into Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness by Lisa Doig

Stephano Sabetti HEARTFULNESS

Stephano is a spiritual teacher and quantum pioneer, who was dedicated to spiritual inquiry and practice with thousands of individuals throughout the world for over 40 years. He is the founder of the Path of Now Way (PONW) and the PONW heartfulness trainings. lovecom feels privileged to have a spiritual foundation in the wisdom of heartfulness, oneness and the early body awareness and mindfulness practices from learning with Stephano for over 30 years. Stephano has left this earthly plane in 2019 leaving behind more love and a canon of heart-centered wisdom and guidance.

Love Is – the wisdom of heartfulness

WALKING MENTORSHIP – Reconnecting in nature

In 2014 Joao Perre Viana launched the Walking Mentorship, an innovative personal-growth project, after having spent the first half of his professional life in business management and as a business mentor across the globe. Walking Mentorship offers a guided self-development, body- and mindfulness experience with customized mentoring formats, connecting walking and direct contact with nature. Lovecom’s extended experience in designing and leading leadership and personal development programs in the wilderness complements the exciting formats of Walking Mentorship. Letting nature become the most impactful, eye- and heart opening facilitator for personal breakthroughs, awareness shifts and purpose alignment is one of the biggest gifts in our work.

Walking towards your purpose with Joao Perre Viana

André Heinrich – Bewusst im Wald 

Entering the forest with a shared and connected awareness, it changes us. It changes the way we lead ourselves and others. The ecosystem, the aliveness, the generosity of the forest is our continuous inspiration for loving and sustainable collaboration. Together with our partner, André Heinrich, we create opportunities for our clients to slow down, reframe focus and learn in wonder from the wisdom of the natural environment. Combining André’s experience in Shinrin Yoko with his own passion for being outdoors (whenever possible barefoot) we dive into mindful, multi-layered and sensory learning and connection experiences. All the while our health and wellbeing are supported in the best way possible.

Shinrin Yoku / Waldbaden 

My heart is filled with joy and love. Our collaboration was a magical experience
and the entire team is so energized. I think we opened a new road. I am blessed.”

Senior VP African Continent

How we work

We provide high energy, experiential and connecting learning conditions. We value high confidentiality, respect and confronting-loving presence in our collaboration. We tackle and integrate your own transformation on three levels: individual, group and your operating system. We are serious about the benefit of integrating body, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligence in todays leadership and acknowledge that real transformation always starts from the inside out. We work consciously with power, power dynamics and design our support with the intention of empowerment. We are delivering our services as a composition of in presence, virtual and hybrid designs. We build on the wisdom of local communities and enjoy weaving in elements of the driving ecosystem into our training offerings. Our reach is based on building and nourishing a network of leading edge transformation coaches. We are inspired by and invite equal, co-creative, values-driven and lasting partnerships. That’s how we make a difference.