"The longest road you will ever walk is the secret journey from your head to your heart."

Phil Lane


The Art of Leadership for Our Time and Age

lovecom Open leadershipdays 2024
embodying values-driven leadership
Practitioner Forum Nov 3-4, Munich

What is a new leader?

A new leader is an interdependent leader. Operating from a place of choice and connection. With the courage to show up in his_her own, unique way fueled by personal values. Conscious about own privileges and rank. Owning her_his light and shadows. Holding firmly the bigger whole, a common vision and evolutionary purpose. A new leader approaches complexity with humility, discernment and in service of co-creating healthy and lasting impact and development. She_he practices the art of ‘power with’. A new leader walks alongside you from a place of empowerment and joy.

How to get there?

Having been exposed to and learning with great business leaders for more than two decades, and also having witnessed how dis-connected leadership destroys huge amount of value in a short time, we like to embrace leadership more and more as an art. New leadership, like any other art, needs passion, practice, a place to explore, inquire, experiment, reflect, repeat and ground in order to get to mastery. Because “there are days when the old ways seem easier. To hell with consensus and community building and conflict resolution. Time to kick some ass…” [From Love and Profit. The Art of Caring Leadership. By James A. Autry.]

Our coaching and trainings create these safe and focused spaces for truthful inquiry, creative interaction, awareness shifts and for manifesting the new.

We are committed to facilitate your growth and the growth of your team far beyond any individual capacity.

“At the end of the day we are trying to do the right thing. Being vulnerable is part of that.”

Tom Mendoza

Evolutionary Executive Coaching

Who are our clients?

A lovecom coaching client approaches us from a place of trust and with a sense of more is possible. She_he is ready to embrace and actualize her_his dreams and purpose while looking closer at whatever is standing in the way to bring it fully into actuality. We are blessed to work with leaders who dare to dream and play big, willing to take personal risks, care deeply and are linked in visioning new ways of leading and co-creating our collective experience as human family.

We design and conduct customized coaching journeys with high potentials and highly successful business leaders (n, n-1, n-2) through 

  • assessing your personal and leadership values
  • drafting your evolutionary growth map
  • looking at primary and secondary motivations. Including blind spots
  • transforming draining energy into resources and clarity of choice
  • re-connecting with your core and its powerful wisdom
  • leveling up systemic awareness to complement your full spectrum view
  • grounding your way forward in your purpose
  • practicing language and interaction of new and effective leadership
  • engaging the systems and people in your care to growth with you

How does it look like?

Case Example: CFO, new in his role

What started as a personal coaching with a high performing, dedicated young leader, who expressed the need to create a personal time-out and start building a new career path, shifted to a close collaboration and high dynamical breakthrough coaching journey when his new way of authentically connecting and communicating needs, values and purpose opened him a position in the executive team of the very company he was inclined to leave before our collaboration.

Elements included here:

  • 1:1 sessions in person and/or video call
  • Personal values assessment
  • 7 levels of leadership consciousness
  • Highly customized journey design
  • Personal development plan
  • Situational breakthrough contacts

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Top Team Alignment

Who are our clients?

Newly formed or configured executive teams, top teams in transitions as well as seasoned constellations where the CEO/Chair/Board want to kick start and embark on a leadership-, new strategy- and/or entire cultural transformation journey.

We feel privileged and inspired to co-create with you highly customized leadership transformation experiences. Bringing forth new, more integrated and effective ways of operating, interacting and collaborating in your Top Team through 

  • understanding enabler for high performance
  • assessing current and desired leadership culture and effectiveness
  • aligning personal congruence with team accountability
  • clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • identifying and processing underlying team dynamics and conflicts
  • connecting the team as One behind shared aspiration, top priorities and strategy
  • aligning vision, mission and values. Creating blue print for organizational/culture transformation.
  • enhancing shared systemic and organizational view
  • building next level of trust, interaction (feedback, courageous conversations) and collaboration among team members
  • cascading journey to next level of senior leadership

How does it look like?

Case Example: Executive Team, new configuration, seasoned CEO

We were invited to support an already successful insurance market leader to bring their newly configured Top Team to the next level of collaboration and alignment. Our customized Top Team Effectiveness Journey included  values and leadership assessment, mind-set and behavior change, personal opening, trust building and shared accountability among the team members and let into creating and owning the new business strategy as one leadership team. After two years of alignment work, this investment resulted in a role-modeling executive team and the best financial results in the history of the company.

Elements of this Top Team Journey :

  • In person team retreats (indoor and outdoor)
  • Effectiveness and values assessments
  • 1:1 virtual and in person breakthrough coachings
  • Change communication strategy
  • Cultural assessment
  • New operating model for senior leadership
  • Blue-print for mind-set and behavior changes for whole organization

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Large Group Facilitation and Conflict Resolution

Who are our clients?

Communities, community leaders, business and social-profit organizations. Medium to large size group of people (20 – 200+) who are brought together or meeting with the intention to surface, look at and process relevant issues, conflicts, pockets of growth as well as further developing shared purpose. SystemSomatics works on the level of clarifying relationships and solution finding as well as enhancing overall group and community awareness.

As a safe facilitated space is created where voices in the system can be brought forth authentically, listened to with care and processed on a deeper level moving forward, we create internal cohesion through individual and group learning and open the conversation for the next step to take place, with full ownership of this very collective.

How does it look like?

Case Example: Consulting firm, rapid growth, alignment & purpose

Global gathering of the 200+ leaders, partners and community members of the company. A thoroughly designed transformation program along the main organizational topics included a large group process and plenary conflict solution forum. Through our facilitation it became possible in a short amount of time, to have all voices been heard and acknowledged, to collect the list of the most relevant and concerning issues and to process a deep rooted conflict from the early founding phase. As a result, the members of the organization re-engaged on a deeper level and felt liberated to fully move forward and co-create their shared organizational purpose.

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Leadership is like love. It’s about working for the growth of others.”

David L. Marquet

How we work

We provide high energy, experiential and connecting learning conditions. We value high confidentiality, respect and confronting-loving presence in our collaboration. We tackle and integrate your own transformation on three levels: individual, group and your operating system. We are serious about the benefit of integrating body, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligence in todays leadership and acknowledge that real transformation always starts from the inside out. We work consciously with power, power dynamics and design our support with the intention of empowerment. We are delivering our services as a composition of in presence, virtual and hybrid designs. We build on the wisdom of local communities and enjoy weaving in elements of the driving ecosystem into our training offerings. Our reach is based on building and nourishing a network of leading edge transformation coaches. We are inspired by and invite equal, co-creative, values-driven and lasting partnerships. That’s how we make a difference.